Will Grass Seed Grow On Top Of Soil

Gardening isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Placing grass seed directly on top of an existing layer of soil isn’t recommended because its chances of germinating and thriving are low.

 Grass seed needs light, oxygen, and consistent moisture to sprout and grow. If the seeds remain covered with a thick layer of soil, they won’t get enough light or air to survive in the short term and won’t have access to water deep in the ground later on. 

 To successfully establish new grass, lightly prepare the soil by breaking up any clods and removing objects like stones and weeds. Then spread the seeds onto moistened soil with a spreader at one-half their general established sowing rate – spreading twice can cause too much competition for available resources. Cover them with only about one-quarter inch of soil or sandy compost to protect them from birds, wind, or heavy rainfall but also ensure that light can reach them. 

 Using a mulch-like straw can help conserve moisture levels around the newly placed grass seed by keeping the surface temperature consistently cool and shielding young roots from rapid changes in weather. Rake in fertilizer half into the top inch or two of very finely worked surface and water frequently but lightly cover until all danger of frost has passed over then maintain regularly. 

 In time, carefully nurturing even freshly placed grass seeds will lead to lush green growth ready for years of enjoyment.

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