Will Fertilizer Burn Grass

Fertilizers are meant to nourish lawns, providing essential nutrients for optimal growth. But when applied incorrectly, they can burn and damage the grass.

Most lawns will benefit from an annual application of fertilizer, but timing and dosage are key to preventing burn. New, sensitive lawns should always start with the lowest recommended dosage and apply every four weeks during peak growing season.

Old and established lawns may absorb fertilizer better, so check soil fertility before applying; if it’s low, increase the required dosage. If not following the package instructions exactly or when in doubt, go for the lower rate.

Poor drainage is another cause of fertilizer burn: it causes high levels of nutrients to remain available near roots which can then cause damage. So check soil composition – sandy soils drain quickly while clay-based soils hold water longer and therefore retain more nutrients around plant roots.

Finally, never apply more than ½ inch of water 3 days prior to a fertilizing session – this will ensure seasonal growth is steady without any risk of overfeeding or burning your grass due to excess nutrient saturation.

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