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Why Put Rocks On Top Of Succulents

Rocks are an essential part of succulent gardening. Not only do they help retain moisture and nutrients, but they also serve as an effective drainage system. The durable, porous material ensures proper air circulation while supporting the plants’ roots.

Rocks used in rock gardens range from colorful stones and pebbles to larger boulders. They provide the perfect home for low-water plants like succulents. Water can roll off the contours of flat rocks, settling at the lower levels of your garden bed, where it collects among other water-loving plants like ferns or ground covers.

In addition to practical benefits, rocks add visual interest to garden beds containing succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. Planting small varieties is a great way to define edges and create curved shapes in a landscape design. Line a walkway with such rocks for an even more tantalizing effect!

Choose a variety of colors and sizes when selecting rocks for planting with your succulents—this will bring depth and texture to your garden bed or rockery design. Be sure to use caution when handling large boulders; wear gloves and practice good safety habits when laying them down successfully in your yard or garden strip.

Strangely enough, rocks offer protection for your delicate succulent specimens too! Keeping bigger stones on top of the planting mix not only helps with drainage but also keeps certain pests away from tender roots that could be damaged by insects or worms burrowing their way through soil quickly enough to prevent damage from occurring.

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