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Why Not To Keep Bonsai At Home

Bonsai trees may look beautiful and quaint, but they are far from being low-maintenance houseplants. They require precise attention and consistent care that a regular potted plant doesn’t.

Before even considering getting a bonsai, you should educate yourself on the right type of tree and species. Once chosen, create an ideal environment suited specifically for it in terms of light, temperature, humidity, and watering schedule.

That means regularly monitoring these conditions to ensure they don’t deviate from what’s required by your chosen species or the one you adopted from someone else. Not doing so can result in the premature death of your bonsai due to improper positioning or exposure to unbalanced natural elements.

Also, be mindful of pruning your bonsai – wrong cuts can stunt its growth for years as well as ruin its original aesthetic quality. Bonsais require frequent trimming and shaping during every season; however, it should only be done by experts who know which parts to cut off without damaging them permanently.

Not all are built for this kind of responsibility; better opt for something easier, like a cactus or succulent, if you’re low on time or patience!

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