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Why Is My Grass Green But Not Growing

Why has my grass stopped growing? The answer is usually deep in the soil and roots. 

A healthy lawn should be green and growing. But when sunlight and air circulate poorly, growth slows or stops altogether. This can be caused by a lack of water, shade from trees, an abundance of weeds, or compaction of the soil that prevents oxygen from reaching root systems. 

Soil tests will reveal issues within the soil that may need to be addressed such as a pH imbalance, excessive nitrogen levels or low potassium content. Then get to work amending your soil with humus, compost, and fertilizer in order to create a nutrient-rich environment for lawn growth and health. 

If too much thatch exists between grass blades, gently remove it with a rake or dethatching machine. Thatch restricts airflow which leads to weak and vulnerable grass blades which are more susceptible to disease. 

Finally, overseeding spots where new grass is needed helps create lush areas – mowing regularly eliminates weeds while encouraging root development and the overall thickness of your turf.

Maintain proper watering techniques based on weather conditions so you don’t overwater or underwater your lawn – both are damaging to lawns in the long run. With patience, attention to detail, some hard work, and commitment your grass will once again turn green – and stay looking its best!

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