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Why Do Bonsai Trees Stay Small

Bonsai trees remain miniature because they’re planted in shallow trays and pruned regularly. To achieve such a captivating size, gardeners use special techniques like pruning, wiring, and root-pruning.

Trimming back the branches stimulates growth and maintains the desired shape. It also encourages additional branches to sprout, thickening foliage and making the bonsai appear lush. Further, bonsais are kept small by avoiding over-fertilizing or overwatering.

A critical aspect of training is wiring the upper stem to shape its curves. By manipulating nature’s process, artists contort branches into different desired positions that create a unique form. But to ensure longevity of your trees, don’t wire too tightly, or it may scar branch surfaces beyond repair.

Also, keep in mind that pruning eliminates some growing material and, at the same time, encourages other areas to enlarge, so be cautious when cutting off new buds since it suppresses their growth completely. Pruning too many sections also weakens younger stems and thickens older ones more than necessary, which can affect how aesthetically pleasing your creation looks in the end!

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