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Why Did My Hydrangeas Wilt So Fast

Your wilting hydrangeas may have several causes. A lack of water, overwatering, too much sun or poor soil can all affect the health of your plants.

Check and adjust the amount of water they get each week. Hydrangeas need consistent moisture to thrive. 

Make sure you allow it to fully dry out in between watering sessions, as this helps create healthy roots.

Ensure your plants get enough sunlight but are not exposed to full sun all day long, which could cause them to overheat. Move them if needed, and choose a spot with at least four hours of bright light every day.

Add compost or fertilizer to your soil as needed, and make sure it stays loose and well-draining so water can move through quickly. Clay soils hold too much moisture and can lead to root disease if left untreated.

Finally, check for insect infestations that could sap away the plant’s energy, leaving them wilty and weak. Treat accordingly if an issue is found and observe the hydrangeas for improvement until you find a solution that works.

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