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Why Are My Hydrangea Flowers Dying

Wilting hydrangeas spell doom. Without proper care, faded blooms and weak stems are telltale signs that your hydrangea’s in trouble. 

The first step to solving the problem is identifying its cause. Too much or too little water? Too much sun? Pests? Improper planting care? Knowing what’s wrong helps you select the right solution.

Inadequate water can cause wilting blossoms, as can poor soil drainage or heavy clay soil; advise regular watering around the base of the plant, avoiding wetting foliage. If soil isn’t draining properly, add organic matter to improve porosity. 

The excess sun could be causing withering petals; evaluate the nursery tag for recommended sunlight exposure before moving the plant to a more suitable location. Additionally, inspect for spider mites, aphids, and other pests that sap plants of hydration. 

Finally, loosely packed soil can stunt growth; if this is your issue, simply replant the bush deeply enough so enough roots touch firm soil in order for it to survive and thrive again!

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