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Why Are My Container Plants Dying

Struggling with damaged container plants? It’s important to identify the cause.

Check light levels: is it too little or too much? Move containers if necessary to find optimal lighting.

Check soil conditions. Is it retaining too much moisture or drying too quickly? Adding sand, compost, mulch, or mineral-rich soil can help regulate moisture.

Look for signs of pests or disease lately. Inspect the bottom of pots for fungus gnats or root rot and treat accordingly.

Growers should also acknowledge seasonal changes and cultural requirements for plants, such as fertilizing every few weeks during hot weather, pruning back in winter, and revising watering schedules as needed for new seasons.

Carefully controlling irrigation can prevent root diseases caused by excess moisture, so only water after the top layer feels dry, but never overdo it – unless leaving a plant pot sitting in water will likely result in soggy roots and death of the plant.

Monitor air circulation carefully; stagnant air promotes the spread of spores, mildew, and other damaging diseases that may threaten your plants’ survival.

Finally, look at available fertilizer options based on specific needs to build soil strength and keep pests away while maximizing flower production or green growth where applicable.

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