Why Apply Fertilizer To Dry Grass

Fertilizing dry grass boosts root growth and aids in drought tolerance. The nutrients present in fertilizer can help your lawn become more resilient, allowing it to withstand periods of heat and drought without becoming damaged.

Even when the turf looks dormant, there are still active nodes in the soil that absorb the fertilizer, thus improving its chances of surviving unfavorable conditions. Fertilizing dry grass is especially beneficial during the summer months when temperatures may reach earieralths and water evaporation increases.

By properly applying fertilizer to your lawn, you can reduce the chance of diseases developing due to extreme weather. Additionally, it helps increase photosynthesis as well as improve water retention abilities – both vital for a healthy landscape.

Finally, proper fertilization supplemented by aeration will enhance soil fertility and promote healthier root systems which are better equipped to handle stresses caused by excessive heat or prolonged dryness.

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