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Which Plants Should Not Be Kept Indoors

Include indoor plants in your home, but choose the right ones. Some plants need too much humidity, require high temperatures that can be hard to provide in the home or are toxic to humans and animals.

Research before selecting plants that fit your home and lifestyle. Research its growth pattern, soil requirements, watering needs, pest susceptibility, and aggressiveness before you buy.

Know which plants shouldn’t live indoors: poison ivy, delphiniums, foxglove, giant hogweed; or have strong aromas like eucalyptus or require lots of water such as water lilies.

Beware of pests like spiders or mealybugs; they reproduce quickly if left unchecked. If a plant has webs on its leaves, it’s usually a sign of a spider mite infestation. Check for yellowing leaves that signal insect damage. Discard affected plants immediately, so pests don’t spread.

Be careful with houseplants that produce sap; some varieties are toxic if ingested by pets or humans and can cause skin irritation on contact. Romaine lettuce is especially hazardous!

With the proper care, most indoor plants can thrive inside your house and bring color and life into your space. Avoid a few well-known offenders to keep everyone healthy and happy!

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