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Which Is The Best Bonsai Tree For Beginners

Starting a bonsai journey is an exciting venture, and there’s no better way to begin than with a chosen tree. Choosing the right tree for your skill level and goals can make all the difference in ensuring success.

For novice beginners, we recommend starting with an evergreen species such as juniper or redwood. Evergreens are timeless classic choices easily found at nursery centers that suit any home décor style. These trees have great resilience and even younger specimens look graceful when trained properly.

Ficus is another easy-to-care-for choice but typically needs more frequent watering than evergreen trees. They also require bright light and high humidity levels – definitely keep this in mind if you live in an arid climate!

Alternatively, conifers like pine, spruce & cypress are traditional selections that feature charming shape variations looking beautiful indoors too. The slow growth of these species adds to their charm as they age, slowly developing attractive mature features over time.

If you have more space as well as experience, one of the Eastern varieties, such as Saikei or mame may be just what you need to really unleash your creativity! Arboricola is a tropical choice well suited for warmer climates requiring low light up to average humidity levels, ideal for those who want a uniquely shaped bonsai without too much fussing about it.

Whatever direction you take, research the requirements of your tree before making it part of your world & enjoy the bonsai journey!

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