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Which Indoor Plant Gives the Most Oxygen

Growing an indoor plant can bring many benefits: increased oxygen, improved air quality, and a sense of calm. But which plants give off the most oxygen?

Parlor palms are great for releasing oxygen at night due to their large broadleaved foliage that captures light energy efficiently. Boston ferns are another excellent choice since they can survive in humid environments and continuously release fresh oxygen.

Snake plants are perfect for small spaces as they require little care and still provide a good level of oxygen. They prefer indirect sunlight but emit high levels of oxygen even when deprived of adequate light.

Spider plants purify the air and generate generous amounts of clean oxygen day and night. Their easy-care leaves come in shades of green, yellow, or white, with some variegated breeds boasting red or orange hues.

Peace lilies have a reputation for beauty and grace while providing plenty of purifying power through their lush foliage and abundant fragrant blooms. The umbrella-like leaf shape aids gas exchange between the soil, roots, and the atmospheric environment—maximizing oxygen output. 

Ultimately, any outdoor plant grown indoors will produce substantial amounts of oxygen; however, these five standout varieties take the top spot for being both beautiful and highly efficient when it comes to releasing clean air into our living space.

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