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Where Should I Put A Bonsai Tree In My House

When it comes to bonsai trees, location is key. Where you place it can affect the health of the tree, so consider carefully before deciding.

Light is essential; choose an area with plenty of direct sunlight and don’t be afraid to move the tree around if you find it’s not thriving in its position. Avoid humid areas, droughts, and draughts, and make sure to keep it away from heating or AC sources that will dry out the soil.

Keep the ecosystem in balance by choosing somewhere close to a window but not too close; otherwise, water may occasionally condense on the leaves – leading to rotting or fungal growth – and a decrease in ventilation.

Choose a spot stable enough for decoration, as you don’t want decorations tipping over onto your precious Bonsai! Place furniture and other decorative items a few feet away unless they are specifically designed as display stands for Bonsais.

You should also avoid areas with high amounts of dust; dusty air will lead to leaf discoloration or even death due to foliage being stripped away. Finally, ensure that your chosen position gives enough freedom for movement, e.g., leaving room for pruning and trimming tools – and keep maintenance consistent for optimum health.

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