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Where Should I Keep My Bonsai Tree In My House

Bonsai trees add an exotic and surprisingly elegant touch to any space. Placed properly, bonsai will give a beautiful, contemplative atmosphere to your home.

Where you should keep your bonsai tree depends on several factors — the species of the tree, the temperature and lighting requirements, as well as how much attention you want it to get.

For outdoorsy trees like junipers or pines, consider keeping them somewhere with natural light — a south-facing porch or balcony is ideal. Indoors, patios or sunrooms can also be great spots. Whenever possible, place your bonsai away from direct drafts, such as air conditioners or hot blow driers.

Indoors, make sure to pick an area that gets plenty of natural light but not too much heat — in front of the west and east-facing windows are usually the best options. Also, avoid extreme temperatures, so no direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Keep in mind: some species might require long hours (8-10) of direct sun while others may only tolerate 2 hours of bright indirect light each day. Place smaller trees on shelves for happy growth.

Finally, if lack of space is an issue in your home — don’t worry! You can always choose miniature species, such as Fukien Tea, that don’t require as much maintenance and grow better in relatively small places!

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