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Where Should Hydrangeas Be Planted

Hydrangeas are an ideal choice for gardeners looking for vibrant color and charm. When planted in the right spots, these hardy shrubs bring long-lasting vibrancy to your outdoor spaces. 

When planting a hydrangea, choose a spot with partial sun and well-drained soil. They thrive in moist soil, so if you live in an arid climate, consider adding extra moisture. Look for areas that offer protection from strong winds or midday sun. 

Be sure to provide plenty of room for their mature size when planting; hydrangeas can grow 4 to 5 feet wide, depending on the variety. The root system takes time to get established, so be mindful when you first put it into the ground to ensure it won’t require too much frequent repotting later. 

Finally, regularly prune throughout the growing season and mulch each year to help maintain ample hydration and increase fecundity. Hydrangeas are easy-maintenance plants that reward with gorgeous blossoms when taken care of correctly!

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