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Where Is The Best Place To Plant Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are versatile and classic flowering shrubs. Planting in the right spot is key for vibrant blooms and healthy plants!

Ideal spots should be well-draining, loamy soil with ample moisture. Morning sun and afternoon shade ensure plenty of color and growth. Don’t forget to water regularly, especially in dry periods. 

Adding a layer of mulch helps retain moisture and protect roots from temperature extremes. 

 Fertilize monthly during the growing season for more colorful blooms. Deadheading fading flowers also encourages new ones to form throughout summer. Trim back established hydrangeas every winter before spring growth begins.

When planting multiple plants, allow for two feet between each for adequate air circulation and sunlight penetration through the branches. Large varieties or sprawling types such as ‘Annabelle’ benefit from support structures like frames or trellises to contain their shape while they mature, but some, like Oakleaf Hydrangea, actually prefer growing freely without stake or wire!

Overall, hydrangeas are unique shrubs that come in many colors, shapes, & sizes – with the right care, they’ll last season after season and add an elegant touch to your garden!

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