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Where Do You Put A Bonsai For Good Luck

Luck comes in many forms, and a bonsai tree can bring joy and positive energy to any home. Placed steeped in natural symbolism, a bonsai is believed to evoke good luck, prosperity, and peace.

But where you place your bonsai is just as important as the tree itself. With thoughtful consideration of the room’s ideal corner or wall space, a glowing experience awaits.

Look for a spot with natural light: A northeastern corner of a room is often considered the best possible, according to feng shui experts. But needn’t be limited by it: Even indirect light coming from nearby windows works perfectly fine if direct sunlight is hard to come by. Pay attention to cleanliness: Keep nearby furnishings minimal and clutter-free so that receptiveness exists for an influx of new vibes from plants and trees.

Choose comfortable heights: Don’t put off future enjoyment now–lower tables make it easier to waterings and more convenient for admiring its breathtaking beauty regularly without being overtly high up on shelves or window sills out of reach. Showcase with greenery: Green means go! Surrounding your bonsai with other healthy foliage creates a vibrant hub of life inside your home, full of freshness, breathable oxygen, and impressive visitors admiring its lovely silhouette from afar while they enter the vicinity.

Remember timelessness: It takes time to train–or prune–a small tree into something special; be sure it’s placed in an area that won’t constantly change over time so that its peace remains proportional to the effort invested in forming it over the years.

A well-located bonsai tree is capable of lighting up any living space with more than just style points — its good fortune gleams even brighter when placed with intention.

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