Where Do Sunflowers Grow

Sunflowers thrive in the full Sun, relying on it to produce their vibrant blooms of yellow and orange. The vivid flowers grow best when temperatures range between 18-30°C, and they need at least six hours of sunlight a day.

They are particularly suited to farmlands and prairies, although they can also be found growing widely in semiarid regions and along roadsides. Sunflowers tend to prefer dry soils, but if the soil is poorly drained or contains too much clay, growing them may be more difficult.

These towering giants require good air circulation, strong stems, and plenty of room for the thick root systems to develop. Sunflower seeds planted in the open ground should have at least 2″ of soil over them – otherwise, they may succumb to weeds or rot due to lack of air circulation.

With their multi-headed glorious blooms pointing toward the Sun, sunflowers look breathtaking in any type of garden setting. They bring immense joy and beauty into the heart’s of gardeners wherever they bloom!

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