When To Plant Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas thrive with ample sun and water, so the best time to plant them is in spring or summer. Planting in early spring gives the plants optimal root growth conditions before winter sets in.

Once planted, water your hydrangeas well and consistently during their early growing stages – especially if you experience hot, dry weather or if the soil dries out quickly.

Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the summer by adding a layer of mulch around your hydrangea’s base and removing dead blooms as soon as they start to show on their stems. Avoid fertilizing your hydrangeas until autumn, when fertilizer will help promote better blooms for the next season.

In late fall and winter, when temperatures drop to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), add an extra layer of protection to keep hydrangeas from freezing. Add burlap sacks filled with straw or pine needles over the exposed roots of your plants to keep them snug until season’s end. 

Once warm weather returns, water religiously and prune back any unhealthy branches in late winter or early spring for maximum results in flowers come summertime.

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