When Should You Not Cut Grass

Mowing grass in the wrong conditions leads to poor results and can damage your lawn. So when should you not cut your grass?

Avoid mowing on wet or frosty mornings, as the machinery may struggle to make contact with damp grass. Wet soil also causes compaction and promotes diseases and weeds.

 In hot weather, put off cutting until mid-day or late afternoon, and till then, encourage deeper roots by leaving it long.

During autumn, don’t vie with nature but leave some longer-standing leaves to protect the base of perennials against frost.

Also, don’t mow more than a third of leaf height at any one time; too short means weaker blades which compete for what little moisture there is in dry seasons.

Lastly, never mow a new lawn before its first growing season has finished; this will set it back severely and delay recovery from any minor problems suffered during establishment.

When in doubt, wait – as faster results are rarely better!

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