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When Should I Start Indoor Gardening

Growing a garden indoors can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It offers the chance to exercise creativity, and patience and nurture something of your own. Indoor gardening also provides more control over growing conditions than outdoor gardening does.

But when should you get started? Starting an indoor garden is best done in the springtime when plants have the most natural energy cycle going for them. Early summer’s weather can also make a great time to start your garden if needed.

That said, if you’re already interested in starting or already have plants, don’t wait too long. Indoor gardens need consistent care and giving seeds or young plants the attention they need can be easier immediately after purchase rather than weeks later. So go for it!

In addition to having earlier starts, people who want their gardens up and running quickly can benefit from pre-potted seedlings. Pre-potted plants are much larger than just seeds and need less maintenance after being transplanted into larger containers or soil beds as they’ve already grown so much in controlled environments like greenhouses.

Your indoor garden will require enough light to sustain it; optimum results come when you provide direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day (assuming no cloud coverage). Consider where the light source is coming from and pick a spot that’s optimized for proper growth conditions; it’s recommended that you research different light sources before you purchase lights as indirect sunlight may not result in optimal planting conditions or yields throughout the year – even with increased winter temperatures indoors.

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