When Should I Feed My Roses

Roses, delicate and lovely, require nourishment to thrive. So, when should I feed my roses? The answer is simple: early spring.

Before the first flush of new growth, prepare the soil by adding organic matter. Well-rotted manure, compost, or bone meal are great options. Spread it generously around the base of your plants and then work it into the top layer of soil with a garden fork.

Once you have finished preparing the soil, choose a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer to apply to your roses in early spring. Be sure to follow the package instructions for application rates and details.

For established bushes, make sure you give them enough food when applying fertilizer in early spring. Use about one cup or slightly more fertilizer per plant evenly distributed around the drip line.

Remember to water after fertilizing, as this helps settle nutrients into the soil and encourages good root development. Avoid getting any granules directly on leaves or stems, as this can burn them due to their high salt content.

Also, don’t overlook feeding your roses throughout their growing season; too much emphasis on one feeding can lead to disease problems or nutrient deficiencies later in the season.

In conclusion, proper feeding at the appropriate time is crucial for maintaining healthy and prolific rose bushes. With these simple steps taken during the early spring months coupled with consistent fertilization throughout their growing period, your beautiful garden will produce vibrant blooms for years to come.

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