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What Vegetables Cannot Be Grown In Containers

Growing vegetables need plenty of soil, sun, and water. But homes often lack outdoor space, limiting options for gardening. Containers are a solution. They allow us to grow veggies in small spaces, even on balconies.

But not all vegetables grow well in containers. Root crops like carrots, potatoes, and onions use up the available space before providing harvest, whilst loose-leafed greens do better given the briefer growing season and frequent harvesting possible in containers.

What does work? Beans, peppers, and tomatoes, along with many herbs, strike a balance between decent yield and manageable size. Crops like greens and lettuces offer repeated harvests that still fit into small containers nicely. And even dwarf varieties can provide large harvests.

As for fruits, berries, and most herbs do exceptionally well in contained environments provided the right conditions are met: adequate drainage, regular watering, and good quality soil supplemented as needed with fertilizer or composted materials.

The key is to understand what serves as a meaningful benefit given your individual space limitations and customize accordingly. With this insight, it’s possible to create amazing gardens regardless of size constraints while still enjoying bountiful harvests!

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