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What Vegetables Can Grow Together In Containers

Growing plants in containers can be a rewarding and economical garden activity. Choosing which vegetables can be grown together can mean more harvests per pot, but careful selection is key.

Pick shallow-rooted plants, for starters, as they don’t require deep pots. Try lettuces and mesclun mix, radish, cherry tomatoes, herbs, and spices like parsley and basil. Bush beans, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, and squash, are also good options that fit heavier pots.

Avoid root vegetables such as carrots or potatoes since they require too much depth for limited container sizes.

When growing different crops in shared pots to maximize yields, pick those with the same requirements in terms of soil fertility, water demand, sunlight needs, and planting density. Plants should not compete for resources or touch each other when fully grown, so consider spacing between varieties when plotting out your potting paradise.

Finally, set up a maintenance routine: Harvest regularly to keep low-yielding plants from dominating the container; deadhead blooms to encourage re-flowering; remove disease spots promptly; regularly check for weeds; replenish nutrients to optimize harvest results.

Remember that growing plants in containers take some extra love & care, but your hard work will be rewarded when you enjoy an abundance of flavourful veggies straight from the garden!

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