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What Vegetables Are Good For Container Gardening

Container gardening allows for fresh vegetables to be grown in small spaces and in a variety of conditions. To make the most of limited space, choose vigorous veggies that can thrive with close neighbors.

Salad greens, like spinach and kale, are great for container gardens. They mature quickly and need little space between plants. Radish and carrots can also be grown in shallow containers and don’t require deep roots.

Beans offer space-efficient climbing vines that spread outward rather than down. Peas, too, can easily be trained up a trellis and will appear lush with plenty of sunlight. Tomatoes can also take root in hanging pots or large planters with support systems attached to aid their tendrils as they rise above the soil.

Herbs do well in all sorts of containers, squeezed inside tiny crevices on your windowsill or larger troughs across balconies or terraces. Marjoram is one that fares exceptionally well when grown indoors – its leaves provide an aromatic addition to salads and cooked dishes alike! 

For warmth-loving fruit crops like peppers, courgettes (zucchini), pumpkins, or squash, look for raised beds that can be filled with soil high enough to ensure adequate moisture, further instilling successful harvests year round!

With these vegetables at hand, delicious fresh meals await!

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