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What Time Should You Water Bonsai

Watering bonsai is essential to keeping them healthy and vibrant. Every plant needs water, and bonsai are no exception – but it’s important to get the timing right.

The season matters. In summer, soil can dry quickly, so daily watering may be needed in hot weather, especially for younger plants. In winter, water less frequently as roots doesn’t absorb as much moisture then.

The time of day is also important. To minimize evaporation and stop the leaves from drying out too quickly, it’s best to water in the morning or evening. Avoid midday sun – your plants need shade from the hottest part of the day to prevent them from wilting or burning.

If you can’t water your bonsai at a scheduled time every day, stick with natural rhythms – like misting your plants on foggy mornings in summer. Avoid wetting just the surface of the soil – use a toothpick or chopstick to make sure that water has penetrated down into the lower levels of compost, where often air pockets remain untouched by standard watering techniques.

But getting the timing right is only part of successful bonsai gardening; feeling comfortable with your own judgment is important too! Watch your plant’s reactions carefully – if they need more frequent watering, trust yourself and act according to how you think best!

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