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What Time Is The Best Time To Water New Grass

Watering new grass is best done at dawn. Cool, crisp mornings allow for the grass to soak up moisture without evaporation or disease. Start before sunrise so the wet grass blades have time to dry out by midday.

Dew-soaked lawns are less likely to catch diseases from fungi and bacteria. To ensure maximum water absorption, use a sprinkler that rotates in a circle and drains evenly over the newly-planted turf.

Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when temperatures reach above 72 degrees Fahrenheit; this could cause scorch marks due to evaporative burnout. Heavy watering around lunchtime often washes away topsoil nutrients and causes root rot if done too frequently.

When selecting a fertilizer spreader, pick one with adjustable settings that will apply downy coats so your new lawn won’t suffer from clumpy patches or nutrient buildup in low areas. Use a soil moisture meter regularly to make sure the roots absorb enough water without drowning them completely in the process.

Finally, applying an all-natural organic product such as compost or manure mix can help build strong root systems that can tolerate any weather conditions thrown their way!

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