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What Soil is Best For Succulents

Soil is key to a succulent’s success. Knowing which soil provides the perfect cocktail of nutrients, water-retaining abilities, and drainage potential is essential. It should be light, allowing oxygen to reach the plant’s roots while retaining moisture but not too much — an ideal balance.

Organic matter such as compost or manure makes excellent additions to sandy pathways or rocky soils; this provides extra nutrition for succulents. Also important are well-draining potting mixtures made of serpentine and coarse gravel or stones.

Perlite, also a key ingredient in potting mixes and tray soils, is a lightweight mineral that helps reduce water retention without causing content. Cocopeat (also called coconut fiber) absorbs and holds moisture while still allowing good airflow through the soil. Vermiculite contributes to moisture retention when used sparingly. Loam tends to better retain water than sandier soils.

By selecting the right components and proportions, you can create a thirsty succulent dream home that allows their roots plenty of room to grow without sitting in pools of excess water from overwatering – a mistake often made with these beloved beauties!

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