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What Should I Put Down Before Planting Grass

Choosing the right tools, supplies, and methods is key to planting grass that stays. Start by ensuring the soil is in good condition. Test it for pH balance and nutrient levels, then supplement or adjust as necessary.

Remove any large weeds or debris, leaving any smaller pieces of material undisturbed. Grass grows best in an aerated environment with plenty of water access. Use a rake to level the surface and provide drainage where needed. 

Add topsoil if you want to increase fertility and resilience; apply fertilizer depending on what type of grass species you are using. Spread grass seed evenly over the prepared area—be sure to keep it consistent for even growth across your lawn.

Apply a thin layer of loam or manure for protecting moisture and encouraging root penetration. Gently tamp down soil to help secure seed texture but not smother it; use a roller if the ground is uneven or you need compression from traffic areas. Water regularly throughout the season for healthy growth, especially during dry periods and drought conditions.

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