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What Plants Grow Well Together In Containers

Grouping plants judiciously help them thrive better. Container gardening ensures that companion plants can stay together no matter the conditions.

Creepers and trailers like Petunias, Verbena, Chrysanthemums, Ivy, or Lily-of-the-valley make good partners in a container garden. These have a cascading habit and mingle well with taller plants for a lush display.

Combining the two textures with dynamic foliage not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing visual but is beneficial for the plants themselves as they can offer mutual protection from sun or wind exposure.

When selecting what to plant together, determine their sunlight needs beforehand to prevent overcrowding and competition, as some plants may prefer full sun while others might need light shade conditions.

Tagetes, Poppies, and Antirrhinum are examples of heat-loving plants suited for sunny spots. Coleus, with its beautiful leaf colorations, does befit light shade, whereas Ivy, with its staying green foliage, will do best in partially soggy soil conditions.

Also, consider their water needs when planting companions in the same container; Nemesia has a succulent nature that thrives better when it is not overwatered. Calibrachoa (Million Bells), which originates from Peru’s wetland hinterland, prefers very moist conditions often found near streams. Approaching your companion planting imaginatively will ensure your container gardens have showy colors all through Summer till Autumn and even further depending on where you live!

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