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What Not To Plant With Marigolds

Certain plants may hinder the growth and health of marigolds, so it is crucial to avoid planting them together. Here are some plants that should not be planted with marigolds:

  1. Tomatoes: Marigolds and tomatoes do not make good companions in the garden. Tomatoes are susceptible to certain pests and diseases that marigolds can attract, such as nematodes.
  2. Beans: While marigolds can help repel some pests, they can have a negative effect on beans. The strong scent of marigolds can deter beneficial insects that are necessary for pollinating beans.
  3. Cabbage: Marigolds and cabbage are not a good match. Marigolds can attract cabbage worms, which can cause damage to cabbage plants.
  4. Potatoes: Planting marigolds near potatoes is not recommended. Marigolds can attract Colorado potato beetles, which can be detrimental to potato plants.
  5. Roses: Although marigolds are often used as companion plants for roses, it is important to avoid planting them too close together. Marigolds can compete for nutrients and water, affecting the growth of roses.
  6. Peppers: Marigolds and peppers should not be planted together. Marigolds can attract aphids, which can harm pepper plants.
  7. Carrots: Marigolds and carrots should be kept separate in the garden. Marigolds can attract root-knot nematodes, which can damage carrot roots.
  8. Lettuce: Marigolds and lettuce are not a good combination. Marigolds can attract slugs, which can feed on lettuce leaves.
  9. Radishes: Marigolds and radishes should not be planted together. Marigolds can attract flea beetles, which can damage radish plants.
  10. Petunias: While both marigolds and petunias are beautiful flowers, they should not be planted together. Marigolds can inhibit the growth of petunias due to their strong root system.
  11. Spinach: Marigolds and spinach do not make good companions. Marigolds can attract leaf miners, which can cause damage to spinach leaves.
  12. Strawberries: Marigolds and strawberries should be kept separate. Marigolds can attract tarnished plant bugs, which can harm strawberry plants.

By avoiding planting these plants with marigolds, you can ensure the health and vitality of your garden. Remember to consider the specific needs and characteristics of each plant before deciding on their companionship.

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