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What Not To Plant With Eggplant

When it comes to planting eggplant, there are certain plants that you should avoid planting alongside it. One such plant is tomatoes. Tomatoes and eggplants belong to the same family, Solanaceae, and they are susceptible to similar diseases and pests. By planting them together, you increase the risk of these problems spreading and affecting both plants. It is best to keep them separate to ensure the health and productivity of your eggplant crop.

The reason behind this recommendation lies in the fact that tomatoes and eggplants are prone to similar diseases, such as early blight and verticillium wilt. These diseases can easily spread from one plant to another, especially when they are in close proximity. By planting them separately, you reduce the chances of cross-contamination and minimize the risk of disease outbreaks.

In addition to diseases, tomatoes and eggplants also attract similar pests, such as aphids and flea beetles. When planted together, these pests can easily move from one plant to another, causing damage and reducing the overall yield. By keeping them apart, you can better manage pest control and protect your eggplant crop.

Furthermore, tomatoes and eggplants have different growth habits and nutrient requirements. Tomatoes are heavy feeders and require a lot of nutrients, while eggplants have more moderate needs. When planted together, tomatoes may outcompete eggplants for nutrients, leading to stunted growth and reduced productivity. It is best to provide each plant with the specific nutrients it requires by planting them separately.

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