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What Months Do Hydrangeas Bloom

Hydrangeas bring joy with their voluminous blooms of vivid colors. But when do these flowers come into bloom? It depends on the variety, but hydrangeas happily show off their beauty from spring to late summer.

 Early bloomers such as ‘Endless Summer,’ ‘Cityline Venice’ and ‘Big Daddy’ infuse your yard with brilliant hues in April and May. As temperatures climb and days lengthen in June and July, climbing varieties like petiolaris, macrophylla, serrata, and quercifolia bloom gorgeous pink or blue florets. 

 In August, paniculata hydrangeas show up to tantalize gardens with fragrant blooms in white or pink, while arborescent begin to light up the landscape until Mid-October with oval mophead blooms, including the famous ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea that bursts into a cloud of white flowers each summer. 

 No matter which type you choose, you’re sure to enjoy beautiful blossoms throughout the year!

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