What Month Is Best To Seed Grass

June is an ideal month for seeding grass. Soil temperatures are warm, generally dispelling the need for supplemental heat. Precipitation levels are sufficient to support germination and growth without over-saturating the soil. 

The cycle of frequent rains and sunshine assists in soil preparation, allowing a loose and fluffy seed bed needing minimal effort to achieve. Plus, with the added hours of daylight come longer periods of growth, encouraging a healthy and dependable turf stand prior to winter stress periods.

Cool season grasses like rye blends work best during June planting cycles. They require moderate temperatures to initiate root development allowing them time to establish before extreme cold sets in. Warm season grasses, however, may suffer from prolonged exposure to hot summer temperatures as they’re drawn into dormancy earlier than cool season grasses due to their shallow root system.

From late June though late summer is also favorable when it comes to laying sod as heat suppresses weed competition and water restriction along with pesticide application helps ensure a secure fitting seed bed prior to root attachment at the base level of existing sod rolls. 

In order for optimal performance throughout the seasons ahead: Ensure that you’ve chosen the best products for your project landscape and that your soil type offers enough available nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium necessary for growth success after planting is complete. Last but not least; carefully plan irrigation requirements ensuring recent runoff should be directed away from newly seeded beds so that settling occurs naturally over time.

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