What Month Does Grass Grow Fastest

April showers breed green-grass growth. April is the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for summer, as this is often when it grows at its fastest rate. The combination of rain and warm weather kickstart grass into action, allowing it to get off to a great start.

Mowing during April encourages further growth. Removing excess blades helps make sure air and light can reach the soil while encouraging healthier root systems and deeper growth.

Nutrients are also important at this time of year. Mulch or compost can be lightly applied as an organic fertilizer, strengthening roots and making them more resistant to disease and harsh weather conditions.

Aeration is especially important in spring. Allowing air pockets promotes healthy water drainage, which in turn allows grass blades easy access to nutrients below the soil surface. This encourages quicker regeneration for bare patches or dormant turf areas.

Finally, now’s the time to tackle weeds with freshly sharpened blades on your mower – getting rid of those pesky intruders before they start whithering your lawn!

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