What Makes Grass Grow Faster

Soil, sun and water are the three basic requirements to make grass grow faster. For maximum results, the soil needs to have excellent drainage properties, the sunlight should be abundant, and watering should be done regularly.

Adding organic matter to ensure a good balance of nutrients is also essential for healthy grass growth. Compost or well-rotted manure can be added at regular intervals as part of a fertilizer program to provide necessary micronutrients.

Lawn mowing is an important factor in keeping the lawn tidy and neat and encouraging healthier grass growth. To achieve optimal results, mow regularly to maintain the desired height – no greater than two-thirds of the overall length – and set blades at their highest setting for maximum growth.

Aeration helps break up compacted layers, promoting better absorption of water and oxygen into roots for sustainable long-term growth. Removing weeds with organic herbicides or natural methods helps optimize resources for healthy turf development too.

Finally, basic practices such as irrigating during early or mid-morning hours, controlling thatch accumulation by de-thatching on a yearly bases remain key tasks that contribute significantly towards lusher, greener lawns over time.

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