What Kills Aphids On Roses

Aphids can be gardeners’ worst nightmare, as they attack and destroy a wide range of plants. Rose bushes are no exception, so it is important to know how to eliminate them quickly.

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of aphids on rosebushes is with insecticidal soap. This natural agent smothers the insects and will not harm humans or other mammals. Mix the soap with water according to the directions on the label, then spray directly onto the aphid-infested foliage.

Gently rubbing leaf surfaces will help increase the insecticidal effect by dislodging some of the tenderer aphids, which may slip away from the spray before succumbing. The process should be repeated at five-day intervals until no sign of infestation remains.

In addition, beneficial bugs such as ladybugs, lacewings, and hoverflies are major predators of aphids and will happily feast for hours – helping reduce populations during peak seasons. To encourage these beneficial bugs, you can provide food sources such as wildflowers in close proximity to your roses.

Finally, a simple trick that farmers have used for generations can also be employed: Simply hose down your plant life with a gentle blast of water on a warm day when aphid activity is highest in order to disrupt their lifecycle and discourage further invasion.

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