What Keeps A Cactus Alive

Every cactus is a resilient survivor—but keeping one alive and healthy takes more than nourishment. It requires knowledge, action, and the right environment.

Light is critical for the cactus to reach its full potential. Choose a sunny spot, away from direct harsh light, with at least 6-8 hours of sun on most days. Don’t forget to turn your plant regularly so that it receives equal sunlight all around.

Maintain good soil moisture levels between waterings; too much/little will cause rot or drought stress. Water in the morning before it gets too hot to give the cactus time to take up moisture, and afterward, make sure that any excess has drained away.

Fertilize based on your cacti type and season; overwatering can easily upset their nutrient balance, so feed lightly every few months. A balanced liquid fertilizer works best, but be careful not to overfertilize, as this can harm roots and stems.

Humidity also matters, especially in warmer climates where air can become unbreathably dry. Mist walls near your windowsill plant, or use a humidifier to keep things comfortable for your cactus friends—just don’t let them sit in wet soil for too long!

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