What Is The Secret To Green Grass

Having luxuriant green grass isn’t just about luck. It requires knowledge before you have the privilege of experiencing success.

The secret lies in proper nourishment, soil quality, and water management. First, learn which fertilizer works best for your turf: a balanced 10-20-10 is ideal for wide grass varieties.

Next, assess the soil’s pH level – if too high or low, you’ll need to amend it accordingly. To test the soil’s nutrition mix, a handful of grass clippings with some water in a blender, then pour it through a strainer into a glass container – pour off the liquid to test against standard nutrient measurements.

Correct any deficiencies as required but never overdo anything, as too much of any product will stress your grass and detract from its greenness.

When watering, be sure not to overwater as this can also make it stressed and look yellowish while damping off or killing weeds that contribute towards achieving lush greens can be achieved with frequent mowing, removal of debris, and aerating when needed – no deeper than an inch so as not to cause excessive damage roots and pulling appropriate weeds by hand will ensure healthy growth finally!

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