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What Is The Problem Of Container Gardening

Container gardening is a challenge. Plants require soil, sunlight, and room to grow. But within limited spaces, like small balconies or rooftops, container gardening may be the only option.

Though containers are convenient for growing some vegetables, herbs, and flowers, it takes more than just planting the seeds to make a successful garden. The shallow depth of pots compared to traditional gardens can put stress on smaller plants. It also intensifies the effect of weather changes by reducing water retention and insulating root systems from temperature swings.

Moreover, many container-growing mediums lack sufficient drainage that, causes waterlogging of soils resulting in harmful bacterial growth and oxygen deprivation in root systems. And as most soils are peat-based mixes that don’t hold nutrients for long periods of time, fertilizer can become necessary for sustained plant performance over time.

Finally, without proper care and tending, container gardens often require more maintenance than their ground-space counterparts due to weed germination, debris accumulation, and potting mix drying out quickly during hot months. Taking all of these problems into account is essential for making the best choices when creating a container garden.

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