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What Is The Most Efficient Way To Water Your Lawn

Watering efficiently is a no-brainer. Instead of routinely soaking your lawn daily, get the most out of each cycle. Set your timer for early morning before the sun is high to avoid evaporative loss and ensure water absorption into the soil.

Inspect your yard regularly and look for signs of dryness, such as wilted or dead grass blades. Get to know how long it takes for your soil to dry with different season ranges and consider adjusting your frequency based on rain cycles too.

Next, adjust your sprinklers’ heads to cover only areas that require water; use angled nozzles that reduce runoff and sprinkle just enough for even distribution. Avoid sprinkling water on driveways or sidewalks where it would simply disappear due to poor infiltration potential.

Misfiring heads should be corrected in order to avoid over-watering some parts while others are missed entirely. Test the efficiency of heads by placing a cup in their range and then checking how long it takes until it’s full.

Ensure proper drainage throughout your property, too, as this is key in retaining moisture in the soil so as much as possible remains available to plants during periods of stress due to heat or cold weather conditions.

Lastly, mulch around trees and bushes or establish ground cover around large sections of empty soil to help reduce evaporation from what is exposed directly beneath the sun.

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