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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Bonsai Tree

The life cycle of a bonsai tree can vary depending on the species and the care given. Generally, wide deciduous varieties can live for centuries when properly maintained, some even reaching the age of 1000 years!

Conifers typically live shorter, with some able to survive up to 300 years. Evergreens tend to be a bit heartier in nature and are often easier to shape since they remain green all year round.

No matter the type, it’s important that you keep up with regular maintenance, such as regular pruning and trimming. This will ensure your tree remains healthy and full of life for as long as possible.

 To keep these mini-trees flourishing, consider the following:

 – Ensure adequate humidity (akin to its forest counterpart)

 – Provide enough sunlight exposure

 – Provide proper watering patterns

 – Feed the soil with appropriate fertilizers at least twice a year

 – Prune and trim regularly 

These trees require far more attention than their larger counterparts due to their limited resources, yet such care is worth it, considering your bonsai can outlive you by several generations!

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