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What Is The Healthiest Indoor Plant

Smartly selecting low-maintenance house plants is key to creating a healthier indoor space. A diverse range of species has unique health benefits, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Aloe vera, for instance, improves air quality, while its natural sap is used to treat skin conditions and ailments. English ivy is easy to grow and adds oxygen to the air while reducing airborne mold spores.

Peace lilies take up pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. Some are known for their calming properties, like bamboo and palm, whose tall height brings a sense of serenity to any room. Spider plants, meanwhile, resist toxins and humidity changes that can aggravate allergies and respiratory symptoms.

In addition to improving circulation and purifying air around them, some house plants double up as insect repellents warding off pests such as mosquitoes or whiteflies. Citronella geranium has a strong citronella scent, with visible roots repelling flies, fleas, and cockroaches through an intense smell.

Indoor plants are great for an enriched home environment with their beauty, medicinal properties, and energizing vibes, with each species offering something different in terms of color or texture, zest or peace

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