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What Is The Fastest Way To Root Rose Cuttings

To propagate rose cuttings, there is one simple secret: patience. But, if you’re after speedy results, there’s a trick. First, tie up stems and cut them into about six-inch lengths in early spring.

Remove all leaves from the bottom two-thirds of each cutting and any flowers at the top.

Next, fill a pot with vermiculite and make holes 2″ deep using a pencil or chopstick.

Then dip the bottom inch of each stem into rooting hormone powder to spur growth and place it into the hole in the vermiculite mix.

Once your pot is full, water it enough that water drips out the ends of the drainage holes before placing plastic wrap or a clear bag over the entire pot to trap moisture.

Keep them in direct sunlight but also monitor for heat as well; don’t let temperatures rise about 80 degrees Fahrenheit or fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit to keep things optimal for rooting to occur.

Growth should begin within four weeks. When vigorous shoots appear on one or more stems, plant each cutting in its own container with soil, and potters will know what to do afterward.

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