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What Is The Fastest Vegetable To Grow Indoors

Growing indoors is fast, convenient, and brings a steady supply of delicious healthy food. But which vegetable grows fastest?

Lettuce. Growing green leafy lettuce indoors takes only five to ten days from planting to harvest. This makes it one of the speediest vegetables to cultivate inside the home.

It doesn’t require any special conditions or equipment, so growing it is a great introduction for new indoor gardeners. Plant the seeds in soil mixed with compost and water regularly, and provide enough light in the form of fluorescent or LED lighting fixtures placed 15-20 cm away from the top of the plants.

Because lettuce grows quickly, you’ll need to harvest leaves frequently or entire heads when they reach maturity – about four inches across. Plants can be regrown multiple times if taken care of properly: harvest the outer leaves first and do not cut into the center leaves too deep when harvesting more mature heads. This will ensure they keep producing over weeks and months while taking up less space than bigger plants like tomatoes and peppers.

Enjoy your very own fresh, crispy lettuce salads are grown right at home!

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