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What Is The Fastest Growing Cactus

The fastest-growing cactus is the saguaro. It’s a tall, spiny cactus native to Mexico, with ribbed arms and woolly white flowers that bloom during summer.

It grows slowly and can take up to 150 years to reach full maturity, but it reaches its maximum height of up to 60 feet in just 50 years. It takes advantage of extremely rare rainfall in desert areas, quickly absorbing and storing large quantities of water before leaving it again almost as quickly in times of drought.

The saguaro is an important part of the desert ecosystem. Its deep root system helps capture groundwater, nutrients, and soil for other plants nearby. Birds and small creatures use these cacti as shelter from predators, while larger animals like coyotes feed on their fruit.

Due to its slow growth rate, deforestation remains a threat to this species, putting countless habitats at risk across the USA’s Sonoran Desert and parts beyond. Fortunately, organizations like Saguaro National Park are protecting wild populations by monitoring visitor access and researching how climate change affects this iconic symbol of deserts worldwide.

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