What Is The Easiest Way To Plant Grass

Growing grass is easy when you start with the basics. Get the right soil for optimal root growth, choose an appropriate grass type, and water consistently. Here are a few steps to help get you started.

Begin with quality soil that’s rich in nutrients. This all-important foundation gives roots an ideal place to grow and thrive over time.

Pick the best type of grass for your climate and location. Different varieties need different levels of shade and sun exposure, so consider these factors before making your selection.

Prepare the area for seeding by removing rocks, stones, weeds, and other debris. Protect the newly seeded area from birds by covering it with a light cloth or sod mesh until it has established itself in the ground.

Sprinkle a thin layer of seed onto bare areas at recommended levels per package instructions — don’t overdo it! Use a hand spreader or mechanical spreader if large areas need coverage. Rake gently to get the seeds into contact with the soil so they can take root.

Water thoroughly after planting your seeds to ensure even moisture throughout the entire depth of each new patch of sod’s thriving roots system, but don’t overwater, which can do more harm than good! Keep the seed moist while it grows until it’s fully established.

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