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What Is The Easiest Plant To Grow Indoors

Growing plants indoors puts you in touch with the great outdoors, wherever you are. But which plants are easy for first-timers to care for?

Hanging orbs and trailing vines of philodendron or devil’s ivy make a dramatic statement in any room. These hardy houseplants can survive in just about any spot as long as they have indirect sunlight.

Likewise, the luscious foliage of pothos adds texture to your decor–and it’s almost indestructible. Give these low-maintenance beauties a bit of watering every week, and lemon-fresh spritzes every now and then.

Cacti bring delight with prickly shapes and fuzzy textures. Requiring very little water and shining in dry air, their pastel hues mix up interiors with playful energy. Plus, cacti flowers come in cheerful colors sure brighten up your interior all winter long!

Spider plants require little effort but give huge rewards. They’re self-maintaining mini-factories that thrive on kind neglect, producing clouds of cascading babies from time to time! Caring for spider plants is simple: just keep them warm and mist away dust occasionally.

Last but not least is the bromeliad family–a tough bunch accentuating homes with colorful petals on stunning rosettes performance, curating living spaces into works of art. Just don’t forget to empty their central cups regularly and set them next to a humidifier during wintertime!

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