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What Is The Easiest Indoor Plant To Keep Alive

Green is the antidote to stress. Indoor plants boost our mental and physical well-being by creating inviting, nurturing spaces. But knowing how to pick the right one isn’t easy.

The easiest plant to keep alive? Succulents. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and can often thrive in dimly light locations, making them ideal for beginners.

Their hardy nature means they store water in their leaves, allowing them to withstand periods of neglect; no need for daily watering or hours of care or attention. And as a bonus – succulents look great!

Caring for succulents doesn’t have to be complex, either. When it comes to sunlight,: never place succulents in direct sunlight during summer but allow them access to the bright indirect sun during winter months – this will energize them without burning their delicate leaves.

Finally and most importantly, find out about the specific drought requirements for individual plants before you buy them!.

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